How to Measure the Right Garage for Your Home

Vehicle owners are required by law to own a garage at home, and in most places, parking the vehicle on the street side would warrant you a ticket. Building a garage is easy, and all you need to know would be the dimensions required to build it. A garage can be an open styled garage, which can be built right next to your home. Others prefer a closed garage complete with a door, which will protect the vehicle from the elements. Either way, owning a garage is a great way to store your vehicles. You would also prevent being an inconvenience to your neighbors by limiting yourself from using the street as a parking lot.

One Car Garage

Garages that would only store a single car is the most customizable because it only requires a small space which could vary between 12 feet by 22 feet for most vehicles up to 16 feet by 24 feet for large trucks. A single car garage can also double as an office space or a workshop. Property owners are also adding up a second floor on their garages, turning it into a living room or a bedroom. One car garage is also the easiest and the cheapest to make because it can be built in a small patch of a lot.

Two Car Garage

Those who own two vehicles should build their garages using the most common dimension at 24 feet by 24 feet. Others are also considering 24 feet by 40 feet dimension, giving them a longer car storage facility. This type of garage offers a lot of space for vehicle owners, and they can store their sedans or trucks inside this type of garage because of its size. Building it would also cost more money compared to a one car garage, because of the size that it occupies. You can also choose between a single door or a two-door styled garage. Because of its size, a two-car garage can also be converted into an office or a workshop.

Three Car Garage

The minimum dimensions of a three car garage is 22 feet by 32 feet. However, it can be extended up to 25 feet by 36 feet, 26 feet by 38 feet, or 30 feet by 40 feet. It all depends on the homeowner’s preference and the size of the available lot. This huge space can be used to store motorcycles, bicycles, and other home equipment like the lawnmower. Having this kind of space could also give you a wide area for office and workshop, and it can also be transformed to any rooms that the homeowner desires.

Having a garage right beside the property is a common thing among the Americans, and because a vehicle is a necessity in the United States, homeowners are doing everything to have their garages built. Depending on the number of vehicles that an individual owns and how big these vehicles are, their garage could be smaller or larger. Garages can also be used as a storage area, and it can be converted in so many ways possible to accommodate the needs of the homeowner.