Building Services To Offer Within A Company

Starting a business that’s responsible for creating and building custom homes could be lucrative if you’re in the right areas. However, you could possibly make more money by offering to build more on a house owner’s property. Consider all of these ideas when looking to create a business.

Driveways & Garages

If you live in a household with multiple adults, chances are you having multiple cars so you can all go to work and do whatever you want without having to worry about who has the car at a certain time. However, car storage can be difficult if you have a small driveway or garage that can only fit a small number of cars or it just gets cramped. You can also run into the issue where it’s narrow enough where you can’t get out of the driveway without someone who has their car parked behind moving it and that can be a hassle in the middle of the night. Building custom driveways and garages are lucrative for these reasons, for not just your own home but to make more money when considering building a new property or helping refurbish an existing one. If you’re building these for a customer, make sure you sit down with them and find out all of their needs so they don’t run into issues when it’s finished. Additionally, talk to them about all of the different materials they can use like gravel Puyallup WA or asphalt. Follow all of this if you think that adding the construction of custom driveways and garages to your business is a model you think you’re interested in.


Having a large backyard is great during the summertime to play sports or build a pool in the backyard. However, having an elevated surface like a deck is requested by many and they typically don’t come with the house. Building a deck by yourself can be difficult as you need to make a typically elevated platform that can host a grill along with enough space for everyone to hang out at. By providing services with your company that lets a customer build a deck, you could see a lot more business by not only customers wanting them added on to their houses that you are already building, but those who have pre-existing homes that want a deck for the summertime. Additionally, go over all of the different types of decks in terms of sizes and materials so a customer can get exactly what they want for how many people they think are going to hang out on their deck. Adding decks is just another way to add on what your building company can do.


As your building business becomes more popular, think about starting to do the services listed before and more. Look into what your competitors are doing and see if you are able to match or beat them in terms of what services they do and what prices they list them at. Making sure that you always have your eyes open is an important part of leading a business.